Vertical Turning Lathe


Vertical Turning Lathe


  • Double column vertical lathe, suitable for turning and boring operations
  • High grade cast iron body conforming to IS:210 – table, ram, bed, columns and cross slide
  • Motorized Up-Down movement of Cross Rail with one ram head with ± 30º swivel
  • Centralized control station with interlocked electrical control panel








Table Diameter

1500 mm

2000 mm

2500 mm

3000 mm

Max. Turning Diameter

1760 mm

2260 mm

2800 mm

3300 mm

Max. Working Height

1250 mm

1500 mm

2000 mm

2250 mm

Max Vertical Travel of Ram Head

600 mm


850 mm

1000 mm

Table Speed

10-40 RPM

5-25 RPM

5-25 RPM

2-20 RPM

Main Motor

7.5 kW /

(O) 15 kW

15 kW

/ (O) 30 kW

18.5 kW

/ (O) 37 kW

22.5 kW

/ (O) 45 kW

Horizontal Feed

0.5 to 5 mm/rev

Swivel Angle of Ram Head



Accuracy: Geometric & Functional Accuracy as per IS: 2063

  • Roundness using Turret Head/ Ram Head/ Side Head: 0.02mm/ 300mm diameter
  • Flatness for facing operation: 0.02mm/300mm diameter in concave direction only


  • Machining of large and heavy components such as parts of engines, turbines, transmissions
  • Machining large asymmetrical work pieces that are difficult to clamp on a horizontal lathe

Accessories: Additional ram head on cross rail, Turret head on cross rail, Threading head on cross rail, Side ram head, Milling Attachment, Grinding Attachment, Coolant system, Complete Guard, Chip conveyor