Hydraulic Power Hacksaw

Hydraulic Power Hacksaw from Parksons

Description: Hydraulic Power Hacksaw Machine

  • Hydraulic movement of cutting arm
  • The arm lifts out of contact of the work piece in the forward stroke to prevent damage to the blade or work piece
  • Three speed cutting feed controlled by a lever allows to adjust speed according to the material
  • Auto lift of cutting arm after job completion
  • Motorized Coolant System allows smooth cutting operation

Specifications: (In mm unless specified otherwise)

Model HP-200 HP-300
Cutting Capacity (Round) 200 300
Cutting Capacity (Square) 150 200
Cutting Capacity (at 45º) 150 200
Length of Stroke 140 160
Stroke per Minute 80-100-125 80-100-125
Blade Size 400 x 32 x 1.6 525 x 45 x 2.25
Main Motor 0.75 kW 1.5 kW


Accuracy: Accuracy: As per IS Standard 3405

  • Cutting taper: ± 0.1 mm/ 100 mm diameter
  • Axial play of saw carriage: 0.3 mm


  • Cutting round/ square bars, tubes and pipes
  • Large profiles and solid materials

Adjustable Bar Rest, V-jaws for Bundle Clamping, Coolant System, Adjustable Material Stop, Machine Lamp