Thermal Drilling

Introduction: Thermal Drilling Technology for Sheet Metal Drilling & Tapping



What is Thermal Drilling: Making Holes without Removing Material

  • Drilling holes removes metal from the work piece
  • If the metal is retained, the hole becomes stronger
  • It can allow formation of a collar which can be tapped or used as a through hole for welded, soldered or brazen connections

Thermal Drilling Process:
Formdrill® tools are made from Tungsten Carbide. Their conical body has specially developed lobed geometry. Thermal drilling process is a method of making a hole and simultaneously producing a bush from the parent metal to give additional support as a bearing surface or for a thread.


Thermal Drilling from Parksons


Thermal Drilling from Parksons


Thermal Drilling from Parksons


Make a hole and form a bush in one operation. Frictional heat is generated by speed and pressure to form the material. Fast cycles(2-4 sec for M8-M10 holes)
Thermal Drilling from Parksons


Thermal Drilling from Parksons


Thermal Drilling from Parksons


The completed bush gives additonal support as a bearing for a thread. Threads are produced by roll forming. No material is removed. Strong connection with no parts to break free improves joint connection.


Advantages of Thermal Drilling Process:


Versatile Useful for malleable material – mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.
Useful for Tubes, Pipes, Angles, Channels, Flats of wall thickness 1-10 mm (M.S.)
Fast Increase Production with Faster Cycle Time: M8-M10 holes within 2-4 seconds
Strong Improvement in quality by creating stronger joints having pull out strength greater than DIN Standard for Welded Nut
Secure No inserts to break free
Cleaner Working Environment due to Chip-less Process
Cost Eliminates usage of welded nuts, threaded inserts thereby reducing cost
Easy to Use Easy to Use Can be used with any good quality Pillar Drill, CNC Drilling, Precision Milling, CNC Machining Center, with good spindle bearings, adequate spindle speed and power.


You will need:

Thermal Drilling Tools from Parksons


  • Ovality of hole: 0.1mm