FAQ about our quality control

Q.1 Whom do you buy your machines from?
Our suppliers are spread across India in several places like Hubli, Rajkot, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Surendranagar, Mumbai, etc.

Q.2 Is there a process by which you select the OEMs?
Yes. We select our OEMs on the basis of multiple criteria such as factory infrastructure, reputation, user references, delivery lead time, financial strength and product inspection.

Q.3 Is there any warranty for your machines?
Yes. Every machine supplied by us comes with a 12-month warranty for any manufacturing defect.

Q.4 Can we inspect the machine before you send it?
Yes. You can conduct pre-despatch inspection of the machines at the manufacturing site. We also conduct our own internal inspection. The test chart and internal report will be provided to you.

Q.5 How do you deliver machines?
In India, we send machines on door delivery basis via road transport. For exports, we deliver machines FOB/ CIF.

Q.6 Who covers for the transit insurance?
As a standard practice, we cover transit insurance of 110% value of goods. In case you have your own policy, you can take the insurance cover.