Milling Head for Planer

Milling Head for Planer


  • All geared Milling Head, made of high grade stress-relieved C.I.
  • Change gear system provides a 6 step spindle speed range and reduces the weight of the head
  • Since changing of the cutter is not frequent in a Plano miller (unlike a milling machine), it is convenient to change the spindle speed through change gear pairs
  • Spindle is provided with P5 Class Taper Roller Bearings (Total 4) + 1 Cylindrical Roller Bearing for rigid support
  • Drive though ground splines in the spindle
  • Gears, spindle, quill etc made of case hardening steel
  • Case hardened & ground helical bull gear and mating gears for high torque transmission
  • Spindle bearings lubricated for life with molybdenum sulphide grease
  • Self contained, cam operated automatic lubrication system for gear box

Specifications: (In mm unless specified otherwise)

Model MHR-5 MHR-10 MHR-20
Power 3.7 kW 7.5 kW 15 kW
Spindle Taper ISO-40 ISo-50 ISO-50
Spindle Speed Range 90-570 RPM 80-500 RPM 50-350 RPM
Manual Quill Movement 75 100 125
Least Count of Quill Movement Graduated collar by 1 division = 0.1mm
Max. cutter Diameter 160 300 500




  • Spindle run-out on face, inner & out diameter: 0.01 mm


  • Increasing productivity by conversion of Planer to Plano miller. Single point tool cutting can be replaced by high speed, multi-point cutting by carbide cutters
  • Cutting load is taken over by Milling Head reducing the load and speed of the table, thereby improving productivity and increasing machine life

Fixed Back Plate, Tilting Back Plate ±45º

Right angle attachment: In combination with cross feed and vertical feed, adds floor boring capabilities to your converted Plano miller. The right angle attachment can be set to any angle ±360° allowing the user to machine all 4 sides of a rectangular job in the same setting