Slotting Machine

Slotting Machine from Parksons

Description: Heavy Duty Geared Keyway Slotting Machine

  • The column has a deep throat to enable a variety of parts to be machined
  • The circular table is provided with T-slots
  • 360º direct indexing to accurately locate positions
  • A taper hole in the center of the table is useful for reception of cantering mandrel while machining circular slotting work.
  • Steel gear slide on multi-spline shafts. All shafts are carried on ball bearings.

Specifications: (In mm unless specified otherwise)


Model PSL-150 PSL-250 PSL-300 PSL-450
Working Stroke 150 225 300 450
Table Diameter 275 375 600 900
Longitudinal Feed 175 300 425 575
Cross Feed 200 225 375 500
Speed Range 30-50 RPM 30-90 RPM 25-65 RPM 10-70 RPM
Main Motor 1 kW 1.5 kW 2.2 kW 3.7 kW


Accuracy: As per IS Standard 2308

  • Perpendicularity of the ram movement to table surface in longitudinal direction 0.02mm/300mm
  • Perpendicularity of the ram movement to table surface in traverse direction 0.02mm/300mm


  • Cutting slots, splines, keyway- internal and external
  • Machining internal and external gears, concave, circular, semi circular and convex surfaces, dies, punches
  • Shaping internal and external forms or profile
  • Internal machining of blind holes
  • Machining of shapes which are difficult produce on shaper

±5º Tilting Head, Auto Feed for X & Y Axes, Auto Rotary Feed, Bellows, True Chuck, ±10º Swivel Head, Coolant System