Plano Miller

Plano Miller from Parksons

Description: Heavy Duty Plano Miller

  • Specialists in customizing Plano Miller machines
  • The machine bed is of box type casting with vibration free construction
  • The table is driven by Rack & Pinion. It has T-slots for clamping work pieces
  • Auto lubrication is provided for table and cross slide
  • Motorized vertical movement of cross slide
  • Milling Head swivels ±45º for versatile operations
  • AC Drive with Centralized Electric Control Panel

Specifications: (In mm unless specified otherwise)

Width between Columns 1200 1500 1800 2100
Length of Stroke 2000 - 12000
Height 1200 1500 1800 1800
Main Motor 3.7-7.5 kW 5.5-10 kW 7.5-15 kW 10-20 kW
Milling Head Power 3.7 kW 3.7 kW 7.5 kW 15 kW
Speed of Milling Head 90-570 RPM 90-570 RPM 80-500 RPM 50-325 RPM
Max Cutter Diameter 125-150 125-150 150-300 300-450

Accuracy: As per IS Standard 2877
Parallelism of top surface of work piece to bearing surface by horizontal feed of rail head:

  • 0.02mm/2000m length of work piece (lengthwise)
  • 0.03mm/2000mm length of work piece (crosswise)


  • First operation for horizontal, vertical and angular surfaces
  • Edge Milling of plates in V, Double-V, J Grooving, Double-J, Beveling & Square Edge
  • Grinding & Milling large components

Grinding Attachment, Second Milling Head on Cross Slide, Side Milling Head, Universal Milling Head with 360º movement