Bimetal Bandsaw Blades

Bimetal Bandsaw Blades from Parksons


  • Bimetal Blade of M-42 grade with variable tooth pitch
  • Positive Rake Angle Blade made of 4%-chrome-tempered steel
  • Tooth tips with high Cobalt and Molybdenum content are of 68-69 HRC hardness
  • These blades facilitate high cutting rates and longer lifetime
  • The blades ensure optimal wear resistance and highest possible dynamic load capacity


Materials suitable to cut:

  • Structural Steels, Deep Drawing Steel, Machining Steel
  • Case Hardened Steel, Spring Steel, Tempered Steel
  • Low Alloy Hot Working Steel, Unalloyed Tool Steels
  • Nitriding Steel, High Alloyed Hot Working Steel
  • Cold Working Steels and High Speed Steels
  • Rust and Acid Resistant Light Steel
  • Cast Iron, Nickel Based Alloys, Copper, Aluminum, Brass