Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal Boring Machine from Parksons


  • Fixed Column, built-in Rotary Indexing Table which also travels transversally
  • Wide range of spindle speeds & gearbox feeds allow for high output with the use of high-speed steel and carbide tools
  • Hardened & ground alloy steel spindle
  • Facing Head coupled with main spindle facilitates large diameter boring and facing operations
  • Auto Rapid Travel for Facing Slide for improved productivity
  • Independent motors for Spindle & Motor with Centralized Pendant Control for easy operation
  • Telescopic Steel Covers for Guide ways to prevent ingress from damaging the guide ways
  • Turcite B-Lining on all guide ways for smooth operation
  • Machine is provided with Boring Bar and Support, Five Limit Switches

Specifications: (In mm unless specified otherwise) 

Model HBM-65 HBM-80 HBM-100 HBM-110 HBM-125
Spindle Diameter 65 80 100 110 125
Spindle Travel 410 510 510 510 600
Rotary Table 880 x 1015 900 x 1105 1030 x 1375 1100 x 1450 1200 x 1500
Facing Head Diameter 450 505 555 600 650
Spindle Speed 20-300 RPM 15-300 RPM 15-300 RPM 15-250 RPM 15-250 RPM
Main Motor 2.2 kW 3.7 kW 5.5 kW 7.5 kW 9.5 kW
  • Bigger main motor available, if required
  • Bigger Rotary Table available, if required

Accuracy: As per Grade-I limits of Dr. G. Schlesinger’s Acceptance Test

  • Quality of bore attainable H-7
  • Ovality in bore: 0.01mm
  • Position accuracy of Rotary Table: 0.02mm


  • Horizontal boring, drilling and surface milling
  • Reaming, turning and facing using facing head slide
  • Machining bores in gearboxes & machine bodies
  • 30º taper boring for 100-300 mm diameter using Taper Boring Attachment
  • Inch threading (5-128) and Metric threading (0.28-7.5) using Threading Attachment
  • 360º vertical milling up to 600mm depth using Vertical Milling Attachment

Digital Read Out, Threading Attachment, Vertical Milling Attachment, Taper Boring Attachment